School Planning 2018-19

Our School Development Plan 2016-19 is our most important planning document. You may request to see a copy from the school office. Below are some of our important priorities for 2018-19



1 Literacy Targets

1.1 To improve the quality of talking and listening skills.

1.2 To improve writing outcomes by using modelled and shared strategies.


2 Numeracy Targets

2.1 To improve numeracy skills by developing a maths trail for pupils to use mathematics outside of the classroom.

2.2 To improve pupil’s competencies in mathematics in calculation and problem solving through the use of calculators.


3 ICT Targets

3.1 To introduce ‘coding ‘ as an area of ICT into each classroom.

3.2 To increase the range of different types of ICT used to develop skills and support learning.


4 Special Needs

4.1 To improve Special Educational Needs provision by developing targeted programmes of work

4.2 To update staff on new SEN provision and plan for its impact.


5 Health Education

5.1 To disseminate the ‘Relax kids’ programme across all primaries.

5.2 To promote social and emotional development by means of the introduction of the, ‘Roots of Empathy’ project..


6 Assessment

6.1 To use the data produced from GL Assessment to improve standards and address class, group or individual underachievement.


  1. Safeguarding and Welfare

7.1 To continue to raise awareness of the impact bullying and to audit parents on school policy.

7.2 To promote awareness of on-line safety amongst pupils and parents